Our construction service provides solidity and reliability to any project. We execute a straightforward and efficient process, ensuring seamless coordination among diverse contractors and companies involved. Time is a precious resource, and our approach is focused on saving time through streamlined operations.

We take a budget-conscious, problem-solving stance, navigating the construction phase with a practical efficiency that keeps your project on schedule and within budget, but without sacrificing quality.

At Cornerstone, we build with precision, reliability, and a commitment to your project’s success.

Owners Representative & Construction Administration Services

Act as onsite representatives overseeing project progress.

Cornerstone excels in onsite representation, overseeing projects with expertise, dedication, and attention to detail, ensuring successful construction progress and client satisfaction.

Monitor and Track site construction progress.

Cornerstone is your top choice for monitoring and tracking construction progress. Our efficient methods and advanced technology ensure accurate progress updates and timely project completion.

  Invoice Review

Cornerstone excels in invoice review, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our meticulous approach guarantees cost control and transparent financial management for your construction projects.

Construction Contract MANAGEMENT

Cornerstone excels in construction contract management, ensuring contracts are executed efficiently, disputes are minimized, and projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Weekly Field Reports

Cornerstone delivers excellence in weekly field reports, providing detailed insights, efficient communication, and timely updates to keep your construction project on track and successful.

Leading Construction Meetings

Our experienced facilitators ensure productive discussions, efficient decision-making, and project success through effective communication.

Develop Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Cornerstone excels in developing meeting agendas and minutes, ensuring organized, productive discussions, and accurate records, vital for successful construction projects.

Monitor and Update Project Schedules

Our expertise guarantees on-time delivery and efficient schedule management.

Communicate & Mitigate Project Risks

Our proactive approach ensures smooth project execution and risk reduction.

Providing Change Order Justification

Cornerstone excels in providing change order justification, offering clear and comprehensive explanations to ensure transparency and efficient project adjustments.

Documentation Control

Our meticulous approach ensures accurate, organized, and easily accessible project records for streamlined construction processes.

Project Closeout

Project closeout in construction management is a crucial phase, demanding meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence. Cornerstone has earned its reputation as the premier choice for project closeout due to its comprehensive approach.

One critical aspect is final documentation. Cornerstone excels by ensuring that all project records, including as-built drawings and operation manuals, are impeccably organized, aiding regulatory compliance and ensuring future reference ease.

Contract closeout is equally vital, with Cornerstone's transparent and efficient resolution of all contractual obligations. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, we ensure financial matters are settled and contracts are formally closed, eliminating lingering liabilities or disputes.

Punch list completion is essential for a fully functional project. Our experienced team meticulously inspects and addresses outstanding items, maintaining quality and safety standards, avoiding costly delays, and exceeding client expectations.

Lastly, we prioritize lessons learned from each project. Through thorough reviews, we identify successes and areas for improvement, consistently delivering superior results and unmatched service to our clients. Cornerstone's commitment to final documentation, contract closeout, punch list completion, and lessons learned distinguishes us in construction management, ensuring on-time, on-budget, high-quality project completion. Clients can trust us with their investments, leaving satisfied and confident.

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