Cornerstone gives you the assurance of a solid foundation for your project. We have over $1B in projects successfully completed over 20 years all over the US. Our vast experience and expertise gives us the edge to guide and advise you in any building project whether it is commercial buildings or large, complex machinery assembly.  

Project Planning

Cornerstone excels in project planning consulting, offering expertise in defining objectives, scope, schedules, budgets, and resource allocation, ensuring clients have a well-defined roadmap for project success.

Risk Management

Cornerstone stands out in risk management consulting, identifying potential risks, devising effective mitigation strategies, and providing clients with the knowledge and tools to protect their projects and investments.

Cost Estimation and Control

Choose Cornerstone for cost estimation and control consulting. We excel in creating accurate budgets, monitoring costs, and implementing strategies to keep your project financially on track.

Quality Assurance

Cornerstone is your top choice for quality assurance consulting. We establish rigorous quality control processes to ensure your project meets or exceeds the highest standards, delivering exceptional results.

Schedule Management

Cornerstone excels in schedule management consulting. We create efficient timelines, monitor progress, and implement adjustments to maintain project schedules, ensuring timely project completion.

Stakeholder Communication

Cornerstone is the ideal choice for stakeholder communication consulting. We facilitate effective communication among all project stakeholders, ensuring alignment and informed decision-making for project success.

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